Réseau PrEclinique et TRAnslationnel
de recherche en neuro-oncologie


🤗 Many thanks to all the participants in this first #GoPaPETRA seminar.
Thanks also to our sponsors, @CanceropolePACA, @Amidex, @NeuroSchool_mrs, @departement13, @Institut_cancer, @Région sud, #ARTCsud, @tsunamiflavien, @miltenyibiotec, #IDsolution, @FondationARC, @Servier


👏🏻 Congratulations to the 2 PhD students who won the prizes for best oral communication: Cloé Tessier and for best poster: Nina Pottier. 🏆

These mobility grants offered by @CanceropolePACA will allow these students to share their promising work with the scientific community!

Last session with 4 nice talks:
-Marie-Catherine Tiveron, @IBDMmarseille, on a new mouse model of glioblatoma
-Oana Chever, on peritumoral white matter
-@eddpasquier, @crcm_marseille, on drug repositioning
-thierry virolle, @ircaninstitute, on glioblastoma stem cell plasticity


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